Welcome to the City of Lynchburg's Open Data Portal. The City of Lynchburg supports the transparency of operations and open access to public data. Our goal is to provide easy and open access for Lynchburg's citizens to see and use datasets of interest.

Aerial Imagery
The City's collection of aerial imagery is not available for download, however it is made available upon request. Please note the tile/s you are interested in and contact the GIS Division to make a request. Or use our Public Map Services .

External Data
Some data the City uses is provided by outside sources. Please visit their websites to retrieve data.
FEMA - Flood Zones
NRCS - Soil & Watersheds
USGS - Wetlands

Map Services
The Mapping and GIS Division publishes all of the data available on this site as public map services. These map services also include aerial imagery and basemaps. To use, please visit our Public Map Services

Utility Data
Utility data is not provided on the Open Data Portal. Please submit all requests for Utility data to the Department of Water Resources at:

Using This Site

Select from one of the many groupings to the left to find data you are interested in. Once you've selected a group, you'll be presented with a list of available datasets. Select the dataset you are interested in, click the "Download Dataset" button and choose the option for format. Your dataset will begin to download. You can track the progress of your downloads by clicking the "My Activity" button in the upper right of the page.

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For additional information or assistance using the Open Data Portal, please feel free to get in touch with Mapping and GIS Division.

Data Disclaimer

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